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A selection of videos made by Andrew over the years.

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University of Waterloo (1987-1992)

Ontario Science Centre Science School (OCSS, Semester 9)


University of Waterloo

Engineering Frosh Week

Havenger Scunt

UW Mastercard advert spoof

Boat Racing 101 (featuring the Disciples of Tom Lee [DTL])

Rampage Graduation – Almost Ready For The Real World

Semi-formal advert

Great Toronto Cooks

Dorm Life

Tidy Tip

The Global Positioning System GPS (presentation by ARH)

Ah! The days before PowerPoint. My handwriting hasn’t improved…
I think this was one of the presentations I did as part of being president of the IEEE chapter on campus. I spent the workterm before this at Aviation Canada creating software to help with an experiment that used GPS receivers on the top and bottom of an aircraft to research the potential of automated landing. At the time, GPS was pretty new and took a rack of equipment to process the incoming signals!

Ontario Science Centre Science School (Semester 9)

OSCSS: And Then There Were 27

My first major video production. A video yearbook of my Grade 13 school in Toronto: The Ontario Science Centre Science School (Semester 9).

Offset Description
0:00:00 Security Clearance
0:01:47 Student Profiles (musical collage)
0:04:34 Performances - The Student Zone (Rudy)
0:11:34 A guided tour of Stefan's locker
0:13:04 Electricity Demo (Chia Chia, Kevin)
0:15:57 Physics as Art - Dancing Shadows (Kate)
0:21:58 The World of Photography (Dan)
0:22:57 Knitting Lesson (Debra)
0:24:42 Go Back to the Top (music video) (Roma, Lisa C, Adam)
0:26:56 Wonder Struck - Shooting Straws (CBC Television)
0:32:11 Recreation - Driving the 401 (musical collage)
0:34:08 Recreation - Carolyn's house (musical collage)
0:35:46 Recreation - Kevin plays the piano (not!)
0:36.54 Recreation - A ride on the TTC subway (Trevor, Mike, Kevin)
0:41:03 Recreation - The Don Mills Bus (Kevin)
0:41:58 Recreation - Racing hosts (Kim, ?)
0:42:27 Recreation - Slapsticks and pool
0:43:54 Recreation - The infamous shower scene (Kevin, John)
0:44:14 Recreation - McDonald's
0:46:05 (Mind the Gap)
0:46:14 Recreation - Grossman's Tavern
0:47:42 Last Look - Twist & Shout (Alex, Steve)
0:49:45 Last Look - Damn It I'm Good Looking (John, Lisa C)
0:50:02 Last Look (musical collage)
0:56:09 Wonder Struck - What real scientific research is like (Roberta)
0:58:56 Colourful dancing (credits)

Science School Reflections (1990)


A Long-Haired Hippy No Longer

History Of Reeves-Hall Name

Brian Reeves-Hall talks of blood donation award and then of his mum

Angela’s Glenmount Garden

A tour around the garden that my mum, Angela, grew from seed in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on 21 August 1991.

You’ve Ain’t Not Never Learned To Talk Proper

1991 Sardinia Mountain-Top Lookout

1991 Sardinia Wine Making

1977-08 Visit To Sideways, Birmingham (silent)

1977-08 Visit To Jersey (silent)

1975-06-13 R.A. Hutchison School Field Day (silent)

1975-08 Santa’s Village in Bracebridge, Ontario (silent)

1970s Winter Summer Outdoor Fun in Whitby, Ontario (silent)

1970s Andrew’s Early Childhood (silent)