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Cargèse, Corsica

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Panorama of Cargèse, Corsica

About The Place…

Our family holiday in September 2007 was to Cargèse, Corsica, France.

We booked the package holiday through Holiday World, aka VillaFinders, who then used Simply Travel.

Sunset over Golfe de Peru from A Leccia villa in Cargèse, CorsicaWe’re glad we had Holiday World in the picture when we had to make a claim to get back some of our security deposit (more later).

The town is just under a couple hours’ drive north from the island’s airport. We rented a VW Touran as part of the package holiday.

The accommodation, “A Leccia” villa, was just north of the town and within walking distance of the beach. It was up a hillside and had spectacular views from its porch. It did not have a pool, but other two villas in the group did (“La Tour” and “Villa Cala Di Sole“).

Panorama of beach at Golfe de Peru near Cargèse, Corsica

Arriving in Corsica for our Sept 2007 holiday

Mummy in Corsica flower patchOur trip to Corsica started at 2am in the morning! Tolii and Tosha, Holiday Bear, Doggy and the Pink Cat went from their beds straight into the car. Daddy drove everyone to the airport.

A huge plane with two jet engines took off from a very foggy, misty and murky Gatwick airport at 6am. Two hours later, we landed in a very hot Corsica.

“A Leccia” villa near Cargèse, Corsica

A short drive along the coast took everyone to their holiday home near the village of Cargèse. It sits on a big granite rock above the Mediterranean Sea.

After a delicious lunch, everyone went to explore the beach: it was big and empty and had a lot of shallow coves between the big rocks.

View out the front door of A Leccia villa in Cargèse, Corsica

Beach restaurant on Golfe de Peru in Cargèse, CorsicaTolii and Tosha playing in the sand of Golfe de Peru beach in Cargèse, CorsicaTosha wears a new hat in Cargèse, CorsicaThere were lots of sea creatures living between the stones: a crab who was hiding in a shell, little fish, molluscs and sea urchins. We could not touch the sea urchins because they were so spiky .

Sea creatures from Cargèse, CorsicaMummy put one of them into a lunch box filled with sea water. We took it back to our holiday home to keep as a pet for a day or two. Tolii tried to feed the sea urchin with our couscous dinner but it didn’t seem to like it too much.

Tolii and Tosha swimming at Golfe de Peru in Cargèse, CorsicaTolii and Tosha swam in the warm blue water and played with the little waves. Tolii knows how to swim: he practices in the swimming pool every week. The sea water was salty and it was easy to swim in it.

Sharing an ice cream in CorsicaThe next morning, Tolii asked Daddy for his GPS. He changed the car it showed to a camper van! (Tolii changed the car every day of the holiday). Tolii and Tosha loved to play in the real car, too. It was a Volkswagon Touran. It had lots of places to hide sweeties, breadsticks and raisins!

Mummy didn’t like it when daddy drove fast around the wiggly-woggly roads high in the mountains. Each corner showed just a huge cliff fall straight below. Tolii kept asking daddy to go faster!

A donkey in CorsicaOne day, Daddy drove the car high into the mountains. The roads were wiggly and narrow and there were a lot of things to look at: A pig in Corsicawild pigs, cows and donkeys on the side of the road and lots of mountain goats.

The mountain goats were climbing up and down the rocks and eating leaves from the trees.

Tolii meets a local climber in CorsicaWhen our car stopped, they all gathered around waiting to be fed.

Beware the 'pedestrians' on Corsica's roads!Tolii gave a bit of his croissant to one of them. The goat liked it and it started to chase Tollii hoping there were some more goodies hidden in his pocket!

High up in the mountains, Daddy stopped the car and said that it was time to go hiking along the mountain river. There was a Genoese bridge up the river where Mummy said some treasures were hidden by the bandits a long time ago.

VW Touran watches a cow in CorsicaTolii and Tosha hiking in CorsicaTolii and Tosha were climbing and climbing and climbing; up and down, up and down; over the rocks, under the rocks, around the rocks, between the rocks, but the bridge was still nowhere to be seen, and neither was the treasure. At last, after a long trek, and one more rock, they finally saw the bridge and guess what? The chocolate treasure was hidden under one of its pillars!

Ponte À Zaglia in CorsicaThe way back didn’t take too long because the chocolate helped to restore everyone’s energy; plus, Mummy said there might be some more treasure near the place where the car was parked. Sure enough, under the big rock next to the car, were some more chocolates! What considerate bandits lived in Corsica long ago.

Daddy, Tolii and Tosha cool off in the river close to the Ponte À ZagliaTolii and Tosha ate their treasure, splashed in the very cold river (rivers are always very cold in the mountains, because they come from under the ground or from snowy tops) and then Daddy drove everyone back to the holiday home.

Tosha and Tolii climbing on a turtle statue in CorsicaOn another day, Tolii and Tosha visited some turtles. Daddy drove along a road that zigged and zagged before reaching the turtle zoo. The zoo was a long way from the holiday home. And the turtles were a long way from their home: the turtles came from all over the world. Some were from Europe, but others came from the United States and others from Madagascar.

Finding the cats at Corsica's turtle zooThere were some turtles who lived only in the water- they swam around all day. The small turtles were hard to find because they hid under the plants in their enclosures. The big ones were very easy to see! The big ones ate mice for dinner!

Some cats lived at the turtle zoo. They tried to eat mice, too. But the cats were really there to scare away wild animals so the turtles would be safe. Tolii and Tosha loved to play with the cats. Some cats climbed all the way up the cork trees!

Watch tower at Golfe de Peru, CorsicaThere was a lot of playing on the beach during the holiday, but the weather started getting worse near the end. It was the end of September and even on Corsica the Autumn eventually takes over. Watching the stormy waves at Golfe de Peru, CorsicaOne day, a big storm came and huge waves smashed onto Tolii’s and Tosha’s beach — it was not possible to play in the water. Everyone went for a long walk, instead, to the old watch tower above the sea. At first, Tolii and Tosha were riding in the push chair along the dirt track but very soon the dirt track turned into a bumpy footpath. Tolii and Tosha had to get out of the pushchair and start climbing themselves.

The watch towers around Corsica were built a long time ago, when pirates were trying to come ashore from the sea. The intrepid push chair takes the boys out to the lookout tower at Golfe de Peru, CorsicaIf the guard on the top of the tower saw the pirate ship coming, then he would light a huge fire in the tower so that the guard of the tower on the next hill was able to see it. The trip back from Golfe de Peru (Corsica) lookout tower - some stayed dry!That tower would then light its fire. So from one tower to another, and all way around the island, the signal was sent: “Help! Help! Pirates!”. Then, everyone came to help in the battle against the pirate ship.

Tolii and Tosha saw a lightning storm down the coast and so we decided to head back to town. On the way back, the storm caught up to us. We saw cows hiding below the branches of a tree. Mummy and daddy weren’t so lucky – they got very wet; Tosha was in the front of the push chair and got a little wet; but Tolii was hiding in the back of the push chair – he stayed all dry!

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Here’s a map centred on “A Leccia” villa, where we stayed (click the + icon to zoom in):

Google map of villa we stayed in while visiting Cargèse, Corsica during Sept 2007.

Thomson Holidays put together a short video showing the A Leccia villa and its surroundings. Sorry, the pink lamp beside the master bed is no more…Tosha broke it and the landlady kept €50 of the security deposit! Thankfully Holiday World refunded €40 to bring it to a more acceptable, and reasonable value. We can only hope that the landlady put the money towards improvements to the dated interior…

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