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iPod iTunes iFixedIt

What a frustrating evening I just had trying to get my iPod Nano (7th generation) to sync with iTunes 12.

I had recently reinstalled Windows 7 (going from 32 bit to 64 bit) and the synced stuff on the iPod was out-of-sync with the PC because I had renamed the PC as part of the reinstall.

Aside: To add another thing into the mix, I have the iTunes server set up on my Synology NAS storage unit – so iTunes can see that shared library, but luckily I also had a “local” library set up too (which now I know is probably better anyway as iTunes works better using its own library not a shared one served up by the NAS – for one thing, I could not multi-select files and click ‘Get Info’ to change the ‘music’ media type to ‘audio book’ but I could do if using the local library). To be clear: the “local” library is actually on the NAS box too, just that iTunes sees it as its library, not a server library. If that still sounds confusing, well it is. Top left corner of iTunes, select ‘show menu bar’ then Edit->Preferences->Advanced and the iTunes Media Folder is set to a directory on the NAS box. There, clear as mud.

Anyway, I had somehow got the iPod Nano into a state where once I plugged it in, it connected then quickly disconnected but iTunes was left searching for it and sometimes it hung waiting for it. Cryptic messages might appear like “the ipod cannot be synced because it cannot be found”. Well yeah because it spontaneously ejected itself!

No amount of restarting the iPod (sleep + home key held down for 8 seconds) would solve it, but rebooting the computer did unhang iTunes! I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of iTunes to no avail.

Well, by now you are probably just wanting to know how I fixed things.

Here’s what finally got the iPod Nano working again with iTunes:

When it restarted, the iPod Nano asked which language I wanted, I decided upon English (UK). Clicking on that, set it and then brought up the normal iPod menu.

For good measure I then rebooted my PC. Once it was running, I plugged in the iPod Nano – iTunes started up and there was the iPod at the top of the window!

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