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I’m a techie. More or less (the guys I manage in my team are very techie!). Anyway, here’s some techie stuff and gadgets that I know about, use, like, or have tips about…

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  • Mr Mel Mackay


    Just a note of thanks for the HP-laserjst article to overcome dirty mirrors. I have a similar Canon Model LBP5100 where Canon and HP must share the same inner parts.

    From you washed-out colour description I fathomed it must be the same problem, so I started to disassemble ….. but got cold feet that the models might not be the same and engaged a printer repair service. This was expensive but your article became the cornerstone of diagnosis on the initial call out.

    They fitted a new optical box on a return visit and left me the old one that now lies in wait with cleaned nirrors in case it is ever needed. I have fitted a filter in the base as you suggested, so perhaps it never will be.

    So, thank you for a very useful artilce.

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