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Whitchurch Church Fête 2009

Tosha swings over the mighty River Test

Skittles for skittles

Skittles, skittles and more skittles.  That’s all our boys wanted to play at this year’s Church Parish Fête on The Lawn. Eventually, they branched out to other fun things before they had spent all their (actually Granny’s) money!

Tolii carefully […]

The Whitchurch Delivery Office Shuts

The (former) Royal Mail Sorting Office in Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK

The (former) Royal Mail Sorting Office in Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK

Sorting the mail.

Sorting the mail.

Sadly, today was the last day for the Whitchurch Delivery (aka Sorting) Office.

I took some pictures; and made a video — read on to get to the video…

A gallant campaign was fought about 5 years ago to save the post office (and the sorting office).

That battle was won, but the war wasn’t over.

Royal Mail sold off its Victorian Building soon after this and then rented it back.  This bought them some time until the local upset had subsided.

Unloading the last delivery of mail (it comes from Swindon)

Rowley Hutchins unloads the last delivery of mail (two lorries come from Swindon)

This year, Royal Mail stated that the sorting office would “move” to Basingstoke as a cost-saving measure.

Heading out to deliver the post.

Heading out to deliver the post.

The local politicians, national politicians, local community volunteers, forum participants, and just plain old locals tried in vain to get Royal Mail to change its mind.

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A New Discussion Forum for Whitchurch

Our town of Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK was left without a discussion forum last Thursday.  For some reason TheWhitchurchWeb went down, taking its forums with it. So, I and a couple others in town set up a new forum for people to use:

Pop on over there and have a chat and a cup […]

Launching Earth Hour Sky Lanterns

Andrew addresses the crowd at the Whitchurch Arts 2009 Earth Hour events (photo by Eric Dunlop).

Oh what fun we had Saturday night with the Whitchurch Arts Earth Hour events!

It was a lot of preparation (some might say not enough!) which resulted in a fun evening for families in our town […]

Steaming Tornado Whooshes Through Town

The Tornado steam engine and carriages whoosh through Whitchurch, Hampshire

Whitchurch saw the blur that was the country’s newest steam engine, the Tornado, as it whooshed through town today on a St. Valentine’s day journey from London Waterloo.

Enveloped by steam – white out!

It looped around the countryside, returning […]