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Travellin’ But Not Like…

I* was in Munich for a meeting on Thursday. I get there about half a dozen times a year. Fly in the night before, get to the hotel late, have a bite to eat**, sleep unsoundly (although its getting better, usually asleep by 1:30am [12:30am UK time]), wake up, have breakfast, walk to the […]

World-wide Telescope (WWT) - better than Google Sky?

Here’s a blatant plug for the yet-unavailable program from Microsoft Research: World-wide telescope (WWT). There’s a presentation about it from this year’s TED conference, too. Availability of the free program is in “Spring 2008”.

Google Earth already has something similar, and has been available for a while: Google Sky (select “View” then “Switch to […]

Paper Airplanes – why fold anymore?

I loved paper airplanes as a kid. Tolii and Tosha enjoy flying theirs, too. But these online versions were just a treat tonight before bedtime. So much so, daddy had to come back after they were asleep to beat his score and try to improve his world rankings. Please be warned that it (a) […]

After the grey…colour!

I’m a bit late in these Internet phenomenons, but its so nice to discover something like this right after the bland that was Brussels.

In case you haven’t seen these Sony Bravia commercials, here you go:

1. San Francisco (has) Balls, with fantastic music by José González (some prefer fruit, though)