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Whitchurch Festival Procession Video 2009

I just completed the making of a video of this year’s Whitchurch Festival procession & carnival which was held on 20 June 2009.  Enjoy…

Whitchurch Festival Procession & Carnival (June 2009) from Andrew Reeves-Hall on Vimeo.

The people of Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK turned out to be in, or just to watch, the procession […]

Our Gallery Has Returned!

Today*, I have started using a near-finished version of a new program called Gallery3 to display our photos and videos.  The program is still being written by its authors, but it is close to being done.  I like it a lot, and so have decided to “go live” with it today.

Here it is: […]

Back to the (Oblong) Future

The TED conference is coming back to Oxford this July. I doubt I’ll go – I’d rather spend the $4500 (about same in UK pounds) on a holiday with my family! And the talks will be podcast in the autumn anyway. I keep a few of the interesting TED talks in our ‘Mostly Interesting‘ page.

However, they have posted a list of who will be talking there. One speaker caught my eye (the power of good branding?): oblong. You just want to find out what that company does. Oblong. Not square, not triangular. Oblong. Cool name. » Continue reading Back to the (Oblong) Future »

Cooking Up Some Music

I think I might have caught this funny video, which cooks up some music, by a beardy man, at the start of its rise…

Beatbox Fame Game by loranger

Travellin’ But Not Like…

I* was in Munich for a meeting on Thursday. I get there about half a dozen times a year. Fly in the night before, get to the hotel late, have a bite to eat**, sleep unsoundly (although its getting better, usually asleep by 1:30am [12:30am UK time]), wake up, have breakfast, walk to the […]