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A Continent In Context, and An Explanation of the UK/GB/England

I love this graphic of Africa – it is one very big place!

Big countries we know within a continent most don't

and if you have ever been baffled by terms like “UK”, “England”, “Commonwealth” and the like, then this video is for you (it even is good for those of us […]

A new political landscape for the UK

A few of the Liberal Democrats' birds flutter into the Conservatives' tree leaving Labour's rose in the shade.

Last evening saw the resignation of the UK’s prime minister, and Labour Party’s leader, Gordon Brown, and the formation of a new government with the Conserative’s David Cameron as the country’s new prime minister. […]

Back to Friggin’ Cold England

From 33C in Toronto to 8C in London. Its “Global Freezing” here. It was so great to give my kids a big hug after returning from my Canada trip. And boy, one does notice their very Hampshire, English accent after being surrounded by Canadian kids for a few days!

We bundled up and headed […]