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Easter on the Meadow

Getting ready to find some bunny nests!

Family and friends get ready to find some bunny nests on the Meadow!

It has become a tradition for us to head down to the Millennium Meadow to meet with other families on Easter weekend. Katya organizes an Easter Egg hunt which gets more challenging every year!

This year, she built lovely Easter bunny “nests” and put the chocolates in them; the nests were then spread around the meadow, near the stream. More nests were put in trees nearby. » Continue reading Easter on the Meadow »

A Walk “Within” Whitchurch

This weekend we stayed well within the known Whitchurch area (unlike last weekend). Tosha’s friend Tristan brought along his sister Autumn and his mum and dad (Carole and Richard) for a walk along the Test River path and into the Millennium Meadow.

It was a gorgeous spring day in the middle of winter: sunny […]

Autumn in Winter

Earlier this month, Tristan (Tosha’s friend from nursery) came over with his older sister Autumn. Everyone had a blast playing around our house; no more so than Autumn who directed everyone to start washing all our stepping stones in the garden.

The thought was well placed, but not unfortunately, the water. Buy, hey, what […]