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The bicycle is a wonderfully accessible tool for transport

My transcript of Chris Boardman, Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist 1992 on BBC Newsnight 2nd August 2012 @ 10:53pm

Interviewer refers to cycling being very close to the British character and we see it in ourselves.

I think it [using a bicycle] is just a wonderfully accessible tool for transport, isn’t it? It’s something you […]

Brompton Baby, yeah!

My folded Brompton

The new cool is not a new car, it’s a new bike.

I have one. Actually I now have three!

One is just a ‘pub bike’, though. My second one is the ‘real’ workhorse, taking me around town and across the BMX track with the family. I bought from our local dealer, North Hants Bikes.

My coolest bike, though, has to be my new Brompton. It’s a foldable bike that is easy to travel on the train with. Brompton is building a strong international reputation for their strong UK bicycle.

(Aside: my friend John, also a “Bromie” owner, told me n = b + 1, where n is the number of bikes you need, and b is the number of bikes you have – I am starting to prove his theorem)

So keen was I for it, that I set up the Cycle Scheme at work so all our employees could benefit from tax breaks to get a new bike for nearly 50% off, financed at 0% for a year through monthly deductions from the paycheck. Thanks taxman! » Continue reading Brompton Baby, yeah! »