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How to tie a balloon and string together

Learn how to tie a ribbon and a balloon together at the same time.

Got a party to get ready for? Little time to blow up balloons and attach string to them? Well, look no further – here’s my tip on how to attach the ribbon at the same time as you […]

Our most popular post is 1 year old today

Viewing statistics for our webpage about cleaning an HP Color Laserjet 2605dn printer.

There is one post on this website that gets read more than any other, and it was one year ago today that I put it up – how to clean an HP Color Laserjet 2605 printer. It became so […]

Computer Basics

David Pogue of the NY Times

Even I learned something — Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User by David Pogue at The New York […]

Baby Products

Okay, our “babies” are now a bit older, but these things sure were helpful to us…



Tolii sitting on the Hippy Chick, which is strapped around Katya's waist.

The Hippy Chick Seat

Hippy Chick

We saw our friend with one of these. We loved the idea and she […]


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