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VHS tapes, Nortel, Woolworths, and Ricardo Montalban

VHS tape

VHS tape

In the spirit of Jeopardy: “What is buried but once treasured?”

I read an article over the New Year holidays which stated that the last remaining distributor of VHS* tapes packed things in at the end of 2008. Gone forever now are the days of tapes getting tangled in the machine, or kids fitting the sandwiches into the tape slot, or horror! having to rewind after the movie finished (a distinguishing feature of VHS tape decks became how fast they rewound). » Continue reading VHS tapes, Nortel, Woolworths, and Ricardo Montalban »

Subprime Crisis

Finally, an understandable description of the sub-prime crisis that preceeded the (likely) recession. Enjoy the “Two Johns”, John Bird and John Fortune as they clarify the details of the whole mess (if you like it, then there are many more on YouTube): […]