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Back to the (Oblong) Future

The TED conference is coming back to Oxford this July. I doubt I’ll go – I’d rather spend the $4500 (about same in UK pounds) on a holiday with my family! And the talks will be podcast in the autumn anyway. I keep a few of the interesting TED talks in our ‘Mostly Interesting‘ page.

However, they have posted a list of who will be talking there. One speaker caught my eye (the power of good branding?): oblong. You just want to find out what that company does. Oblong. Not square, not triangular. Oblong. Cool name. » Continue reading Back to the (Oblong) Future »

Relief for Swine Flu?

Not available in your local chemist.

Not available in your local chemist.

I received this in my email inbox today.  If anyone knows the artist who made this, then let me know so I can give them proper credit.  Better still, if some company ends up making this for real, then I’ll gladly link to them!

Brings new meaning to ‘viral’ advertising.

Many people think wearing a mask helps reduce the risk of catching the flu – » Continue reading Relief for Swine Flu? »


If you thought you were good a math…how about learning Arthur Benjamin‘s tips for squaring a 5 digit number in your head… […]