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iPod iTunes iFixedIt

What a frustrating evening I just had trying to get my iPod Nano (7th generation) to sync with iTunes 12.

I had recently reinstalled Windows 7 (going from 32 bit to 64 bit) and the synced stuff on the iPod was out-of-sync with the PC because I had renamed the PC as part of […]


A square code which contains a link to this posting (via

I hereby state that from henceforth on, the new-fangled ideogram that is setting itself up to replace the traditional bar code shall be called a squarecode.

Spell it with a capital or not. Put a space in it or not. Square Code. SquareCode. square code. Just call it “square code”.

I guess saying ‘Squarecode’ might cause some to change the pronunciation to Squ-AR-Eck-ode, or who knows what as language evolves. Let’s start it off as the same pronunciation as the two words separately: Square, Code. » Continue reading Squarecode »

Back to the (Oblong) Future

The TED conference is coming back to Oxford this July. I doubt I’ll go – I’d rather spend the $4500 (about same in UK pounds) on a holiday with my family! And the talks will be podcast in the autumn anyway. I keep a few of the interesting TED talks in our ‘Mostly Interesting‘ page.

However, they have posted a list of who will be talking there. One speaker caught my eye (the power of good branding?): oblong. You just want to find out what that company does. Oblong. Not square, not triangular. Oblong. Cool name. » Continue reading Back to the (Oblong) Future »

Knowledge Search

For once, I may be ahead of the curve!  A friend tipped me off (okay, see, it wasn’t me after all; thanks Steve!) to a cool new search system that gives you knowledge results rather than internet page results.

You can throw math, medical, financial, geographical, you name it, questions at it.  The output […]

Online Gallery Temporarily Unavailable

Enough is enough: I'm ditching Coppermine.

Sadly, there has been yet another security problem with the program that I use to show you my photos and videos in the ‘gallery’ pages of this website.

I have gone through the hassle of its manual update procedure one too many times recently because of […]