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Holiday in Corfu, Greece (Anatoli Villa in Kremythas)

We arrived back on Friday afternoon from our wonderful holiday in Corfu, Greece. There’s so much to tell that we wrote a separate page about it all! But here’s a taste…

Corfu is a beautiful mountainous island with many things to explore; and some very cool beaches to bathe on. The hospitality of the […]

Dorset Holiday Weekend

What a fantastic weekend we all had. We headed down to a cottage in Dorset for a mini-holiday courtesy of granny. It was one of her Christmas presents to the boys — and oh boy! did they (and us) every enjoy it. So much so that Tolii was in tears leaving the place at […]

Easter Weekend 2007

Four days off. With the kids. Thankfully, with two grannies too!

Friday: sunburning daddy at Finkley Down Farm Park; Tolii meanwhile shuttled between THE slide and the monkey swing. Tosha took the whole place in, but especially liked his first ride on the monkey swing. Back home we had our first BBQ of the […]