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Hail the Easter Egg Hunt!

Not even a hail storm could prevent our annual Easter Egg hunt from going ahead.

The eggs weren’t really egg-shaped: they were in the shape of bugs, chickens, bunnies and very big bunnies (all from Lidl).

We descended upon the Whitchurch Millennium Meadow for the event. There’s even more photos in our gallery.

There […]

Bowling With Granny

Granny finally had the opportunity to take the boys bowling; It was one of their Christmas presents.

Tosha insisted on carrying the heavy balls himself – only once did he drop one; and that was probably because daddy was trying too hard to help him (which he made clear he did […]

Lying to a four year old

This afternoon we were invited to a skating show at Basingstoke’s Planet Ice arena. The older sisters of Tosha’s best friend, Joshua, were performing in it.

It was probably the first “show” that either Tolii and Tosha had ever seen (and certainly the longest time they had to sit still!).

The first half had […]

Hallowe’en Races at the Meadow

Tolii and Tosha invited their friends to a fun afternoon of races at Whitchurch’s Millennium Meadow.  There were so many races, we think everyone must have won at least one!

Some races were just in straight lines (well, they were supposed to be); others were twisty-turny; and others were backwards and sideways!  There was […]

Future Football Star?

Last Sunday, Tolii went to his first football practice. He’s still sorting out which way to kick the ball. But do watch out when he does kick it!