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Everyone in the pool!

Outdoor swimming pool at Testbourne school.

Outdoor swimming pool at Testbourne school in Whitchurch, Hampshire.

Our children’s primary school is offering swimming lessons to year 4 students using the nearby Testbourne school’s outdoor pool. Fantastic!

In their letter to parents, our school said, » Continue reading Everyone in the pool! »

Its Physics, Jim!

The book for the masses (pun intended)

The book for the masses (pun intended)

Ah how I love Star Trekkin’ by The Firm – Its a catchy tune from the late 80s with this line from Scotty, the chief engineer: “You cannot change the laws of physics.”. And then later, “Its physics, Jim!”

Many, many years ago, I was a student at the OSCSS and just loved the physics class taught by Roberta Tevlin (on weekends, I’d catch her playing at Grossman’s in the Happy Pals). I even got Wonderstruck on TV (today, I just make the local newspapers).

Anyway, I heard an interview on the Quirks & Quarks podcast with the author of a book relating to physics and, appropriately for this month, future presidents.  I looked up the author, Richard Muller, and found his book called Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines.  I have since learned that the author intended only one copy to be read: the one he donated to this month’s new occupants of the White House.  Its written smartly for a quick dip without any mucking about. » Continue reading Its Physics, Jim! »


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Family Fun Evening at Whitchurch Primary School

Tolii and Tosha met some of their friends and had a very good time at the Whitchurch primary school’s family fun evening tonight. Tolii loved the bouncy castle and getting his face painted. Tosha loved to chase balloons and play with Joshua! […]