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Autumn Colours (aka Fall Colors)

This autumn has been spectacular for the colour of the foliage around us! There were a few frosty nights a little while ago, and now it is pretty mild – ideal for having, and photographing, the changing landscape. On Saturday, after Tolii’s regular swim lessons, we had a delicious pub lunch at The Bush […]


Near Evisa, Corsica

I’ve long loved making panoramas. I simply take several photos from the same height and angle (as best I can manage it, for I rarely travel with a tripod!) and then stitch them together using AutoStitch.

Tonight, I came across a talk by the artist Clifford Ross who made […]

New photo program online!

A techie post

I’m using a new program for showing our family’s photos: Coppermine Photo Gallery.

You’ll see it now online at

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