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Our Gallery Reopens

After some bugs squished; the gallery portion of this website has reopened. Sadly, the stuff that was once there is no more. Such is life sometimes. Friends and family can drop me an email to be added to the access list for the, well, friends and family gallery photos section!


I have mainly […]

Whitchurch Church Fête 2011

The 2011 Church Fete in Whitchurch, Hampshire is held on Prof.Denning's lawn.

Our town had its annual Church Fête on Saturday, 9 July 2011. One of its organisers asked me if I could possibly, please, pretty please, oh come on you could couldn’t you? be their unofficial official photographer.

Well, it didn’t get me free admission; but I did leave with a bottle of booze. That’s fair. 🙂

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Our Gallery Has Returned!

Today*, I have started using a near-finished version of a new program called Gallery3 to display our photos and videos.  The program is still being written by its authors, but it is close to being done.  I like it a lot, and so have decided to “go live” with it today.

Here it is: […]

GPS Gadgets

Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS

I have three GPS gadgets and still I sometimes get lost. I’ve come to ignore the traffic re-routing on my Garmin nuvi 670 more often than not as it appears to be outdated info (a few times I took a detour between junction 5 and 4a of the M3 […]

Fishy Pictures in the Press

Opening of Fishing for Art (photo used in Andover Advertiser)

Last week I was the star of page 22 in the Basingstoke Gazette above the headline “Fish art tips the scales”.

This week, two of my photos are the star of page 14 of the Andover Advertiser above the headline “Fishy art […]