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Knowledge Search

For once, I may be ahead of the curve!  A friend tipped me off (okay, see, it wasn’t me after all; thanks Steve!) to a cool new search system that gives you knowledge results rather than internet page results.

You can throw math, medical, financial, geographical, you name it, questions at it.  The output […]

Uncertain at First, Quidam at Last!

quidamAgain this year Tolii received a Christmas present to go see the Cirque du Soliel show at the Royal Albert Hall – this year it was Quidam.  I remember that I saw it years ago, I think in Atlanta. Long enough to have forgotten most of it.

But it was almost not to be. » Continue reading Uncertain at First, Quidam at Last! »

A Walk “Within” Whitchurch

This weekend we stayed well within the known Whitchurch area (unlike last weekend). Tosha’s friend Tristan brought along his sister Autumn and his mum and dad (Carole and Richard) for a walk along the Test River path and into the Millennium Meadow.

It was a gorgeous spring day in the middle of winter: sunny […]

Countdown – what time is it?

Daddy is very concerned that he might sleep through the new year — he was up late last night fixing his computer that had a hard drive crash on it. The worst of it was that he was being all fancy and trying to install a RAID (backup mirroring) system on his new hard […]

Bunk Bed

Grandpa put together Tolii (and later Tosha’s) bunk bed!

Tolii sleeps on top; and sometimes on the bottom.