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A lawn mower with go-faster-stripes

Andrew with his go-faster-stripes mower.

Our old lawn mower decided that I wasn’t taking the hint to fix it, and decided to shed most of its bolts. With just one bolt left holding the motor to the ‘deck’, and the whole thing really in need of an overhaul, I decided to look finally into getting the beast repaired.

I asked the lovely people at Garden Assist, who they would recommend – they put me in touch with KGM down in Winchester. I gave them a ring and found out that repairs start around £60. I was also considering paying Garden Assist to mow my lawn in the meantime (it was quite long, as it had been growing ever since before we left on our holiday at the end of May).

Right, time to consider “saving” that money and looking into a new mower instead. » Continue reading A lawn mower with go-faster-stripes »