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Ticked Off

We love our cats – mostly.  A week or so ago, though, they brought us a present that we certainly didn’t want: fleas.

Katya got the worst of them – bites all over her ankles.  The kids had a bite or two; and Andew got one on his forehead! Yikes!

So – Friday turned […]

Open Day at National Oceanographic Centre

The National Oceanographic Centre (NOC), formerly Southampton Oceanography Centre (SOC), held its annual open day this Saturday during the Science and Engineering week festivities. There’s a few photos here; and, as usual, more photos, in our gallery.

It was a great opportunity for mummy to show Tolii and Tosha where she worked. Even though […]

About Us

Andrew  ( , , ) is a Certified ScrumMaster® at with a background as a software development manager was educated at and grew up in Whitby, Ontario, Canada now lives in Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK met Katya through Entertaining London takes a ridiculous number of photographs, many on the town’s website. was the photograph editor […]

Mummy? Gone!

Mummy left this morning for her conference in Vienna. Tosha went to her side of the bed this morning and said “Mummy? Gone!”

Tolii and Tosha spent the day at Finkley (where else!?). The highlight for Tosha was a trip down the very high tunnel slide (Tolii’s favourite). Tosha rode down with a very […]