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Sunflowers Reach Record Height

Sunflowers almost as big as the fish we caught in the River Test!

We’ve never had sunflowers in our garden that are this tall!

Katya measured one of them to be about 3.1m high (its an estimate because she didn’t get the ladder out of the shed to reach the exact top).


Re: Fencing

Re-building fences

We spent Saturday replacing the old wooden fence along the northern side of our back garden. There’s still a few pieces to go – how on earth will we get behind the shed and green house to put the bolts through the metal upright frame, […]

Ticked Off

We love our cats – mostly.  A week or so ago, though, they brought us a present that we certainly didn’t want: fleas.

Katya got the worst of them – bites all over her ankles.  The kids had a bite or two; and Andew got one on his forehead! Yikes!

So – Friday turned […]

New Neighbours

A young couple is moving in next door this weekend: They are renting the place for a year from the two blondes who bought the place last autumn. We don’t know why the blondes moved out; but Andrew is very disappointed. He had already bragged to many people about living next door to them. […]

Ikea Whirlpool Oven Door Shatters Spontaneously

Tonight Katya opened our new kitchen’s oven door to have its outside part shatter spontaneously into a million pieces!

Luckily, Tolii and Tosha were not near.

But what are we to do for our planned dinner party this Saturday!?

Have a look at the result in the picture to the left. A full-size image […]