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Red Leaves on Acer

Colourful Acer Tree

Our Japanese Maple (Acer) tree is turning a lovely set of colours this autumn, just like so many trees in Hampshire, and likely all of the UK.

Whitchurch Daffodils, and Development

It was the first day of spring…and the daffodils at the All Hallows Church were in full bloom. The bunnies were quite active too!

The construction of the new housing development, Park View, on the other side of the old railway line is well underway.

The newly renovated old primary school […]

Daffodils in February!

The first daffodils came out for St.Valentine’s Day this year!

And with Mother’s Day this Sunday all daffodils in our garden are blooming.

Autumn in Winter

Earlier this month, Tristan (Tosha’s friend from nursery) came over with his older sister Autumn. Everyone had a blast playing around our house; no more so than Autumn who directed everyone to start washing all our stepping stones in the garden.

The thought was well placed, but not unfortunately, the water. Buy, hey, what […]

Cherry Picking The Best Tasty Treats

Tolii helped mummy pick the cherries from our cherry tree today. A few got eaten along the way!

Its been quite a cool summer so far this year – just 18C on some days and lots (!) of rain. No flooding here, but lots up in the north of the country.

In spite of […]