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Whitchurch Pub Race 2010


The pub race around town was a site to behold – this was the third year of its return and each time the creative costumes and antics improve.

Men at Work nearly get run over instead of a donation!

Our favourites this year were the EngLego team dressed up as LEGO figures who had to endure sweltering heat inside their costumes; and the Men at Work for their shere audacity of blocking off traffic to sweep up and demand charity donations from the motorists – Most gave after just a bit of haggling, but one couple, in a Mercedes no less, just accelerated towards them! » Continue reading Whitchurch Pub Race 2010 »

Whitchurch Festival Procession Video 2009

I just completed the making of a video of this year’s Whitchurch Festival procession & carnival which was held on 20 June 2009.  Enjoy…

Whitchurch Festival Procession & Carnival (June 2009) from Andrew Reeves-Hall on Vimeo.

The people of Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK turned out to be in, or just to watch, the procession […]

Whitchurch Pub Race 2008

Whitchurch FestivalThis past Sunday saw the return of the Whitchurch Pub Race – something that hasn’t been seen around these parts for well over a decade (so the locals tell me). Thankfully, the rain cleared up by Sunday afternoon, just in time for the race.

Andrew is the official photographer of this year’s revived Whitchurch Festival (including the pub race). This meant he got a couple free beers (thanks White Hart and The Bell!). » Continue reading Whitchurch Pub Race 2008 »