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Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels

Two Tunnels Before and AfterOn the first real almost-spring-like day this year, Tolii, Tosha and I (Katya was ill) headed up to Bath to cycle in the darkness of the Two Tunnels.

Thankfully, there were plenty of things going on in the daylight too: a fun festival with burger stand and beer tent.

For the past few years, Sustrans (a registered charity) has been converting a disused railway line into a shared path that people walking and cycling can enjoy on their way to work or when out for a bit of leisure.

I wrote a story about it over on The Joy of Cycling where I also embedded the video that I made.

What isn’t written there though is how my kids and I got separated just at the exit of the shorter of the two tunnels! You’ll see them riding ahead of me, then they » Continue reading Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels »

Twangfest 2010

Locals 'The Plastix' play at Twangfest 2010

The fourth-annual Twangfest rocked Whitchurch on 5 June 2010. There were 17 bands that performed across the 2 stages throughout the day, and that doesn’t include the ones who also took a turn on the Open Mic stage.

About 800 people descended on Testbourne on […]