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What next to inspire?

The challenge of building a long-lasting space ship consumed the Western World for decades – and inspired countless youth to put in tremendous effort to be an engineer or scientist.

I have fuzzy memories of the first shuttle launch over 30 years ago; and oh! how I wish the Western World would get a focus back on something marvellously challenging again, to boost our economies and inspire our youth once again. » Continue reading What next to inspire? »

World-wide Telescope (WWT) - better than Google Sky?

Here’s a blatant plug for the yet-unavailable program from Microsoft Research: World-wide telescope (WWT). There’s a presentation about it from this year’s TED conference, too. Availability of the free program is in “Spring 2008”.

Google Earth already has something similar, and has been available for a while: Google Sky (select “View” then “Switch to […]

Tosha’s Experiments Continue

Now that Tosha has contented himself with gumming up Daddy’s computer’s DVD drive, he has moved on to more interesting experiments.

Daddy had taken Tosha upstairs to brush his teeth; and then left for work after returning Tosha downstairs.

A bit later, mummy told the boys to go upstairs to brush their teeth. Tosha […]

Flight Patterns

If you like pretty pictures and flying, then you’d probably like the “reality art” (does any one else call it that?) over at Flight Patterns. It shows the flights within North America over one day.

I got there through a random read of Wikipedia – its home page featured the article on the WTC7 […]