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It works again! Installing HP PhotoSmart 1218 on Windows 7

My 2 HP printers: the Color LaserJet 2605 on the bottom; and the 1218 inkjet on top.

I came across my old ‘HP photosmart 1218’ inkjet printer this afternoon.

Well, I knew it was in the garage; and I knew it was time to clean the mirrors on my HP LaserJet 2605 […]

Easter Weekend 2007

Four days off. With the kids. Thankfully, with two grannies too!

Friday: sunburning daddy at Finkley Down Farm Park; Tolii meanwhile shuttled between THE slide and the monkey swing. Tosha took the whole place in, but especially liked his first ride on the monkey swing. Back home we had our first BBQ of the […]

Grandpa Arrives

Grandpa (aka Brian, aka Andrew’s dad) arrived at Heathrow this morning from Toronto. Tolii and Tosha were extremely excited by his arrival.

His flight was delayed leaving Toronto by 20 minutes because some loser didn’t retract the gangway properly and the plane snagged it when it started backing away. Who do they employ at […]