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A First Visit to the Laverstoke Gin Distillery on its Opening Day

The entrance to the Mill

I had some errands to run in Basingstoke this afternoon; on the way back I stopped by the new Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Laverstoke, next to Whitchurch, Hampshire (or Overton depending on your allegiances).

Today was its first day open to the public. It is wonderful to […]

Compulsion for Cycle Planning

Three witnesses including the edtior of The Times newspaper, and the anchor of Channel 4 News give input to the Commons Transport Select Committee on bicycling.

Today, there was some wonderful testimony given at the Commons Transport Select Committee about improving the safety of our environment for people in cars, on bicycles […]

Design Statement

Redirecting you to the Whitchurch Design Statement…

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Redevelopment Of Old Library’s Site

The plans for the redevelopment of the site that used to have the “temporary” (from the 1970s!) library show a really ugly set of buildings.

I added my comments to the plans at the Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council (B&DBC) website. It showed the status as still being in “consultation” even […]

Whitchurch Daffodils, and Development

It was the first day of spring…and the daffodils at the All Hallows Church were in full bloom. The bunnies were quite active too!

The construction of the new housing development, Park View, on the other side of the old railway line is well underway.

The newly renovated old primary school […]