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Snape enjoys Tosha’s piano practice

Our cat Snape. What can we say? He is a very social creature – loving to get right up close for attention. If that means enjoying Tosha’s piano practice right there on the keyboard – within easy petting distance – then so be it!

Video of the fun below (or watch on YouTube HERE)… […]

Visions of Coffee Cups and Ghostly Black Cats


For a while, we have known that our house is haunted by a black cat.

Today, though, I read that drinking coffee can cause visual and aural hallucinations.

So, maybe it wasn’t “real” after all.

Now, what on earth does tea cause?  I definately drink too much of […]

Ticked Off

We love our cats – mostly.  A week or so ago, though, they brought us a present that we certainly didn’t want: fleas.

Katya got the worst of them – bites all over her ankles.  The kids had a bite or two; and Andew got one on his forehead! Yikes!

So – Friday turned […]