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What next to inspire?

The challenge of building a long-lasting space ship consumed the Western World for decades – and inspired countless youth to put in tremendous effort to be an engineer or scientist.

I have fuzzy memories of the first shuttle launch over 30 years ago; and oh! how I wish the Western World would get a focus back on something marvellously challenging again, to boost our economies and inspire our youth once again. » Continue reading What next to inspire? »

Brussels – Bin It

Daddy is just back from the Bluetooth Unplugfest-28, a quarterly industry meeting for testing all things Bluetooth. Last time it was in Taipei. Next time it is in Las Vegas. This time, it was in…Brussels.

Here is what Bryson had to say on the city: I walked and walked down long streets that never […]

Daddy visits Boston

Andrew and his colleague, Peter, travelled on business to Boston on Wednesday, and returned today. The customer issue was sorted by Thursday afternoon and that left Friday to explore before returning in the evening; so we left the suburbs and moved to the downtown Hilton (what huge rooms!). Unfortunately, it rained (instead of snowed) […]