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A glistening pink pony trotting through your mind

Like him or loathe him, I am thankful there are popular figures like Russell Brand* to kick up some much needed debate and discussion, to re-engage people with politics (oh the irony!):

“imagining the overthrow of the current political system is the only way I can be enthused about politics.”

Russell’s article in the Newstatesman magazine (Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition”) and his interview with Jeremey Paxmann (video below) has sparked many a political commentator to completely miss the boat.

UPDATE: The interviewer himself has now chimed in with his thoughts on Brand’s premise – “Paxman: Brand was right over public’s disgust at ‘tawdry pretences’ of politics

Brand’s article is lengthy and filled with some words I would need to google (but didn’t). He talks like that too: At least with a strong interviewer, he can be interrupted and pushed to reveal more (or less, whatever).

Take him seriously!? (insert joke about comedian / taking-seriously here). That’s not the point; He is this: the whack on the side of the head. Sure your head hurts and has a bit of a buzz [like that time tripping up the stairs coming out of the London nightclub escorted by the bouncers; and man, can things be seen in a whole new light and damned be sure that girl is GORGEOUS]. It is not about Russell; it is about us.
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Doomington Scooped

Local resident Andrew Reeves-Hall started his long road to join the ‘Beer Tickers’ or ‘Scoopers’ when he became the first to register a ‘scoop’ at the White Hart of a rare new beer.

Arkells have brewed a special limited edition ale at their Donnington brewery – one of the most traditional breweries in the […]