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Volcano and Ash Mash

Mashup of BBC images of oil slick and ash cloud forecasts

Continuing my recent theme of creating mash-ups (here and here), here is one more, this time a ‘not-to-scale’ mashup inspired by the shape of the BBC/NOAA oil-slick forecast image for 16 May 2010 and the BBC/MetOffice ash cloud forecast for 5 […]

A renewed political landscape for Whitchurch

Symbols of the B&DBC council election in May 2010 for Whitchurch, Hampshire

Apart from the general election on 6 May 2010, which changed the UK political landscape, there was also a local borough council (B&DBC) election here in Whitchurch, Hampshire – where the right to demonstrate was won for the country.

Why […]

A new political landscape for the UK

A few of the Liberal Democrats' birds flutter into the Conservatives' tree leaving Labour's rose in the shade.

Last evening saw the resignation of the UK’s prime minister, and Labour Party’s leader, Gordon Brown, and the formation of a new government with the Conserative’s David Cameron as the country’s new prime minister. […]


Near Evisa, Corsica

I’ve long loved making panoramas. I simply take several photos from the same height and angle (as best I can manage it, for I rarely travel with a tripod!) and then stitch them together using AutoStitch.

Tonight, I came across a talk by the artist Clifford Ross who made […]