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Andrew Returns From Sunny Oslo, Norway

Andrew was in Oslo for a 3-day Bluetooth SIG face-to-face meeting on the topic of the new low energy, formerly ULP, formerly WiBree, formerly…well, you get the picture. The conference was at the Texas Instruments lab on the Blindern campus of Oslo University.

He had a bit of time to wander around […]

Lost in the Deep Blue Sea

Andrew has been sucked into that world where time does not exist and the addiction to “just one more level” is enough to make you wet your pants instead of getting up to go to the toilet.

In his university days, it was Tetris; Today, it is Deep Blue Sea, made by The Game […]

Making Wine In Sardinia (1991)

Way back in the autumn of 1991, Andrew spent some time on the island of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy. He mostly just hung out because he was a) young; b) naive; c) broke. A couple of those days were spent helping pick buckets of grapes and then watching them […]

Brussels – Bin It

Daddy is just back from the Bluetooth Unplugfest-28, a quarterly industry meeting for testing all things Bluetooth. Last time it was in Taipei. Next time it is in Las Vegas. This time, it was in…Brussels.

Here is what Bryson had to say on the city: I walked and walked down long streets that never […]

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Andrew  ( , , ) is a Certified ScrumMaster® at with a background as a software development manager was educated at and grew up in Whitby, Ontario, Canada now lives in Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK met Katya through Entertaining London takes a ridiculous number of photographs, many on the town’s website. was the photograph editor […]