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Heathrow Medics on Bicycles

A medic at London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 uses a bicycle to get help fast to people in need.

This is just so obviously the right thing to do: use a bicycle to get urgently needed help to someone hurt in London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5!

The fully decked out National Health […]

Munich via Heathrow Terminal 5

Dancing, colourful fountains greet you at Heathrow Terminal 5

Dancing, colourful fountains greet you at Heathrow Terminal 5

I had to travel to my company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany this past Thursday and Friday.  I get over there a fair amount, but this was the first time that I had travelled through the infamous Heathrow terminal 5. The horror stories of its opening days earlier this year have now subsided in the media.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to complain about!

Yes, its impressive; however so are the new airports in Seoul, Toronto, and Hong Kong ~ all of which I’ve seen over the past few years.  In fact, I wouldn’t rate it higher than any of them.  And Toronto gets bonus marks for having some damn cool art all over the place!

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Aalborg Without a Stop(per)

Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, DenmarkI popped over to the Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, Denmark for meetings on Tuesday.

What a fabulous building!  It used to be an old gas works – converting coal into gas.  It was derelict for 20 years before R&S took it over about 4 years ago.  They built up three floors inside it.  Its is all tastefully decorate and felt very spacious.

It overlooks the fjord (for now – there’s plans for a building to go up right in front of it).
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