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A python takes me slithering down many a rabbit’s hole

A long time ago, in a company far, far away, I wrote some gawk. That”s geek talk for some code written in a UNIX shell that uses an extension of the ‘awk’ tool. There was great rejoicing amongst the software team as tasks that once had to be done manually were now automated. I eventually moved out of that area and into the world of object-oriented C++ coding and had a good run of a career on that (taking me around Canada and the US and then to the UK).

Then, I met a wonderful woman who knew Matlab and soon we were married (there were other reasons). Matlab as some will know is a wonderful tool for processing, calculating, and plotting mathematical formula applied to data. The tool is script driven – no need to writing complicated C++ code for every little step along the way.

Slithering Snake!

Now, I’ve begun my transition from C++ into Python, a powerful, object-oriented scripting language not unlike Matlab in the way it works (so I’m told).  I’m catching the wave of version 3.4 whilst many programs are transitioning from the older, popular, but incompatible, version 2.7. That’s geek talk for you got to start somewhere and it might as well be with the latest. » Continue reading A python takes me slithering down many a rabbit’s hole »

Let down by BT again

Why did a CEO send me some crisps? Find out...

Why did a CEO send me some crisps? Find out…

The popular UK telephone and broadband company towed me along for months during my contract renewal, but then when I looked at my bill this week I saw that they broke their promises. Along the way, they broke their promises to the people in the town in which I live, too.

Separately, a CEO sent me two three boxes of crisps this week. More on that later.

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Snape enjoys Tosha’s piano practice

Our cat Snape. What can we say? He is a very social creature – loving to get right up close for attention. If that means enjoying Tosha’s piano practice right there on the keyboard – within easy petting distance – then so be it!

Video of the fun below (or watch on YouTube HERE)…

My dad’s creative way to tell someone to ‘go jump in the lake’

My dad, Brian, had a creative way to tell someone to ‘go jump in the lake’ (other phrases exist).

Here’s a video I just found in my archive – I filmed the brief interview at Heathrow airport while we waited for his flight back to his home in Toronto. My camera at that time was an Olympus C5050 digital camera that had a 320 x 240 “high resolution” video format…well it was considered “high resolution” at the time! It even recorded audio!

It works again! Installing HP PhotoSmart 1218 on Windows 7

My 2 HP printers: the Color LaserJet 2605 on the bottom; and the 1218 inkjet on top.

I came across my old ‘HP photosmart 1218’ inkjet printer this afternoon.

Well, I knew it was in the garage; and I knew it was time to clean the mirrors on my HP LaserJet 2605 again; and I knew I really couldn’t be bothered to go through that rigmarole again; and I knew buying fresh inkjet cartridges would be about 1/4 the cost of buying 4 fresh laser toner cartridges; and I knew…

Well, you get the picture. I hauled out the old inkjet and plugged it in.

Lights came on and it made some noises. But Windows 7 didn’t like it.

It dawned on me why the inkjet was sitting in my garage: Windows 7 doesn’t include drivers for it (and I couldn’t bring myself, all those years ago, to throw out what I knew to be a perfectly good quality printer just because some software stopped it from working in the modern era).

So, I set about trying to find out if it could be made to work (or fool Windows 7 into using it). Sure enough…

Read the step-by-step instructions of how I got my 1218 working again by clicking HERE.