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Intech Science Centre & Planetarium

Been here with your kids recently? Then please leave a comment below.

About The Place…

Intech - outside

The Intech Science Centre and Planetarium is just outside Winchester. Its spread across two floors and includes a planetarium which is linked to the main pyramid by a small corridor. There is an outside picnic area and a café.


The menu for the café isn’t too inspiring; but the basics are available: Pre-made subsandwiches, Cornish pasties, sausage rolls (some kind of ground up meat but mostly what appears to be fat), juices, teas, coffee. Oh, and the obligatory “stuffed potato” selections. It makes you wonder how come us British aren’t as fat as the stereotypical American. Well, at least the arteries are just as clogged. There are kiddie boxes available; inside are a half-sandwich, apple/banana/orange, box juice, crisps/chocolate-bar and some kind of treat (on one visit it was stretchy dinosaurs because the boxes were covered with dinosaurs).

Tolii gears up for serious fun at IntechOur first visit was back in Christmas 2006 with Katya’s nephew Seva. We went back again with Grandpa in 2007; and now we find we’re going more and more – so we bought a season pass for 2008.

Intech - craneThere’s lots of colourful contraptions inside to play with and explore. Items are rotated in and out; there seems to be at least one change to the exhibits each time we go.

Tolii’s favourite item is the giant crane. Actually, cranes – there’s a few scattered about the place; each operated in a slightly different way.

Tosha likes making badges using the cutter and press unit near the cashier’s counter.


Rushing to Intech’s Planetarium 2008 opening…in the blowing snow!Granny took us all out to see the grand opening of the new digital planetarium at Intech on its first day, Friday 21 March 2008. We got there at just a few minutes past 10. The drive in was uneventful in beautiful sunshine…the walk to the front door was a different story. The dark clouds moved in and it started to snow in very gusty cold winds. Large queue for Intech Planetarium’s opening dayAnd then we saw the queue out the door – obviously the BBC news item was seen by more than just us.

Introducing Intech’s new digital planetariumAfter a 45 minute wait, we got to the counter and bought our £2 tickets for the 12:30 planetarium show, Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity. It was a good show although it did get a bit lost when it started talking about white holes. Otherwise, a good description of black holes and how they are formed; and where they are (everywhere!). Get on your kayaks and start paddling – fast!

Panorama of the seating inside the Intech Planetarium

As for the planetarium itself: magnificent; only let down by a less than punchy audio system. Maybe I’m just too used to the high sound quality at Imax shows.

Intech have posted their planetarium’s show schedule. Until you get there, why not enjoy the stars using Celestia?

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Google map of Intech, Winchester

3 comments to Intech Science Centre & Planetarium

  • Jon D.

    Planetariums are great. As a kid growing up in Vancouver, I attended the Vancouver (BC) planetarium several times. Vancouver also has an incredible science centre. These are amazing outings for kids and I’m looking forward to taking my child to these places. Glad to see it’s popular in the UK as well.

  • Jeff

    It’s nice to read about your experience with Intech Science Centre and Planetarium. I will have to take my nephew there.

  • I have to state, you chose your words well. The ideas you wrote on your encounters are well placed. This is an incredible blog!

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