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Campaigning for a Torch Relay through town

I’ve been working with our town’s mayor to gather signatures on a petition – we hope to convince the organisers of the London 2012 Summer Olympics to bring their Torch Relay through towns, including Whitchurch.

We know the Torch Relay will be going through Basingstoke on Wednesday 11 July 2012 and heading to Winchester […]

Our Gallery Reopens

After some bugs squished; the gallery portion of this website has reopened. Sadly, the stuff that was once there is no more. Such is life sometimes. Friends and family can drop me an email to be added to the access list for the, well, friends and family gallery photos section!


I have mainly […]

Whitchurch Church Fête 2011

The 2011 Church Fete in Whitchurch, Hampshire is held on Prof.Denning's lawn.

Our town had its annual Church Fête on Saturday, 9 July 2011. One of its organisers asked me if I could possibly, please, pretty please, oh come on you could couldn’t you? be their unofficial official photographer.

Well, it didn’t get me free admission; but I did leave with a bottle of booze. That’s fair. 🙂

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Whitchurch – A Winning Town

Andrew Reeves-Hall sprays the volunteers with champagne to celebrate the town's wins.

A lot of time has been put in by a gaggle of volunteers around Whitchurch over the past couple months to try to win a competition run by BT. They were offering to upgrade 5 rural telephone exchanges to use fibre-optic technology so that faster broadband Internet access would be possible. In November, three of us (me, John Buckley and Mike Stead) founded the Whitchurch Faster Broadband Campaign to coordinate the voting in the  ‘Race to Infinity’, after our Town Council backed our initiative. » Continue reading Whitchurch – A Winning Town »

Doomington Scooped

Local resident Andrew Reeves-Hall started his long road to join the ‘Beer Tickers’ or ‘Scoopers’ when he became the first to register a ‘scoop’ at the White Hart of a rare new beer.

Arkells have brewed a special limited edition ale at their Donnington brewery – one of the most traditional breweries in the […]