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How to tie a balloon and string together

Learn how to tie a ribbon and a balloon together at the same time.

Got a party to get ready for? Little time to blow up balloons and attach string to them? Well, look no further – here’s my tip on how to attach the ribbon at the same time as you […]

Relief for Swine Flu?

Not available in your local chemist.

Not available in your local chemist.

I received this in my email inbox today.  If anyone knows the artist who made this, then let me know so I can give them proper credit.  Better still, if some company ends up making this for real, then I’ll gladly link to them!

Brings new meaning to ‘viral’ advertising.

Many people think wearing a mask helps reduce the risk of catching the flu – » Continue reading Relief for Swine Flu? »

Cooking Up Some Music

I think I might have caught this funny video, which cooks up some music, by a beardy man, at the start of its rise…

Beatbox Fame Game by loranger

Travellin’ But Not Like…

I* was in Munich for a meeting on Thursday. I get there about half a dozen times a year. Fly in the night before, get to the hotel late, have a bite to eat**, sleep unsoundly (although its getting better, usually asleep by 1:30am [12:30am UK time]), wake up, have breakfast, walk to the […]

World-wide Telescope (WWT) - better than Google Sky?

Here’s a blatant plug for the yet-unavailable program from Microsoft Research: World-wide telescope (WWT). There’s a presentation about it from this year’s TED conference, too. Availability of the free program is in “Spring 2008”.

Google Earth already has something similar, and has been available for a while: Google Sky (select “View” then “Switch to […]