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Dorset Holiday Weekend

What a fantastic weekend we all had. We headed down to a cottage in Dorset for a mini-holiday courtesy of granny. It was one of her Christmas presents to the boys — and oh boy! did they (and us) every enjoy it. So much so that Tolii was in tears leaving the place at […]

Making Wine In Sardinia (1991)

Way back in the autumn of 1991, Andrew spent some time on the island of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy. He mostly just hung out because he was a) young; b) naive; c) broke. A couple of those days were spent helping pick buckets of grapes and then watching them […]

Portsmouth - Third Time Lucky!

The Russians are coming (on Canadian built tanks)!

Today, we had an expedition to Portsmouth to explore the tanks, the seaside and the battleships. We had a nice lunch, too.

This is the third time we’ve visited the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, home of Warrior and Victory. And, it is the first time we succeeded […]

A Loss at Victory!

One of Tolii’s Christmas presents was a book of tickets for various experiences. One of them we cashed in last weekend: a trip to Portsmouth harbour to visit HMS Victory, Nelson’s ship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

A little research beforehand would have revealed that it wasn’t run like the sister ship Warrior: it […]

Flight Patterns

If you like pretty pictures and flying, then you’d probably like the “reality art” (does any one else call it that?) over at Flight Patterns. It shows the flights within North America over one day.

I got there through a random read of Wikipedia – its home page featured the article on the WTC7 […]