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Aalborg Without a Stop(per)

Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, DenmarkI popped over to the Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, Denmark for meetings on Tuesday.

What a fabulous building!  It used to be an old gas works – converting coal into gas.  It was derelict for 20 years before R&S took it over about 4 years ago.  They built up three floors inside it.  Its is all tastefully decorate and felt very spacious.

It overlooks the fjord (for now – there’s plans for a building to go up right in front of it).
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Baa Baa – The Overton Sheep Fair 2008

The only sheep we saw was a stuffed toy.  However, the rest of the party in Whitchurch’s neighbouring town, Overton, was beyond expectations.  They closed Winchester Rd to have a big party (more photos in our gallery).

Who can’t enjoy watching the local townswomen getting out to protest for the vote?  I really do […]

Travellin’ But Not Like…

I* was in Munich for a meeting on Thursday. I get there about half a dozen times a year. Fly in the night before, get to the hotel late, have a bite to eat**, sleep unsoundly (although its getting better, usually asleep by 1:30am [12:30am UK time]), wake up, have breakfast, walk to the […]

Holiday in Corfu, Greece (Anatoli Villa in Kremythas)

We arrived back on Friday afternoon from our wonderful holiday in Corfu, Greece. There’s so much to tell that we wrote a separate page about it all! But here’s a taste…

Corfu is a beautiful mountainous island with many things to explore; and some very cool beaches to bathe on. The hospitality of the […]

Andrew Returns From Sunny Oslo, Norway

Andrew was in Oslo for a 3-day Bluetooth SIG face-to-face meeting on the topic of the new low energy, formerly ULP, formerly WiBree, formerly…well, you get the picture. The conference was at the Texas Instruments lab on the Blindern campus of Oslo University.

He had a bit of time to wander around […]