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Heathrow Medics on Bicycles

A medic at London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 uses a bicycle to get help fast to people in need.

This is just so obviously the right thing to do: use a bicycle to get urgently needed help to someone hurt in London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5!

The fully decked out National Health […]

Cycling to Cambridge conference was like floating on air

King's Cross Station - waiting for the Hogwarts Express to Cambridge.

I am a regular cycle-to-work kind of guy. I started the Cycle Scheme at work to help everyone there get their hands on a good quality bike for a knock-down price (all legal – its a scheme promoted by the Government). For me, that meant buying a Brompton. That was over a year ago now – wow time flies!

Well, this week I took my first expenses-paid business trip by train and bicycle -I can claim 20 pence per mile for bicycle travel (cars get 40 pence per mile – outrageous! Cyclists should be rewarded more!).


The reason for the trip was to get up to Cambridge, UK for a conference all about the next generation of wireless communication called Weightless. The conference was put on by Cambridge Wireless and pretty much run by the guys at a local startup there called Neul. I decided to go up a day early so that I could meet with some customers alongside our sales engineer and marketing engineer who flew in from Munich HQ. » Continue reading Cycling to Cambridge conference was like floating on air »

Whitchurch Winter Wonderland after Travel Troubles

The Square, Whitchurch, Hampshire

The snow has stayed to the delight of our kids!  There were many opportunities to take some very pretty pictures around town (see our gallery).  That is, once I got into town after work… » Continue reading Whitchurch Winter Wonderland after Travel Troubles »

Our Holiday in Crete, Greece

The villa Nicoletta by Simply Travel…

We got back a week ago from our two week holiday in Crete. We stayed in a lovely villa in Prina – a town nestled in the mountains on the eastern side of the island.

…the view of Prina from villa Nicoletta.

We put […]

Munich via Heathrow Terminal 5

Dancing, colourful fountains greet you at Heathrow Terminal 5

Dancing, colourful fountains greet you at Heathrow Terminal 5

I had to travel to my company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany this past Thursday and Friday.  I get over there a fair amount, but this was the first time that I had travelled through the infamous Heathrow terminal 5. The horror stories of its opening days earlier this year have now subsided in the media.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to complain about!

Yes, its impressive; however so are the new airports in Seoul, Toronto, and Hong Kong ~ all of which I’ve seen over the past few years.  In fact, I wouldn’t rate it higher than any of them.  And Toronto gets bonus marks for having some damn cool art all over the place!

The niggles?  Well, let’s begin at the beginning… » Continue reading Munich via Heathrow Terminal 5 »