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Chasing Ice movie screened after Katya’s talk


Katya Popova made a short presentation about the Arctic before the movie.

We licensed the ‘Chasing Ice‘ movie to show in Whitchurch’s Gill Nethercott Centre tonight.

Just before it was shown, Katya gave a brief talk about the Arctic and showed some of the research being done at the National Oceanographic […]

Heathrow Medics on Bicycles

A medic at London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 uses a bicycle to get help fast to people in need.

This is just so obviously the right thing to do: use a bicycle to get urgently needed help to someone hurt in London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5!

The fully decked out National Health […]

Apple Shapes Career


Dear Apple,

RIP Steve Jobs.

I didn’t know the two Steves when at age 11 my parents let me spend my CAN$1000 on an Apple ][+ computer. I had been using a Radio Shack TRS-80 for a year and wanted to stretch my abilities more. Little did I know that the company the […]

What next to inspire?

The challenge of building a long-lasting space ship consumed the Western World for decades – and inspired countless youth to put in tremendous effort to be an engineer or scientist.

I have fuzzy memories of the first shuttle launch over 30 years ago; and oh! how I wish the Western World would get a focus back on something marvellously challenging again, to boost our economies and inspire our youth once again. » Continue reading What next to inspire? »

A Continent In Context, and An Explanation of the UK/GB/England

I love this graphic of Africa – it is one very big place!

Big countries we know within a continent most don't

and if you have ever been baffled by terms like “UK”, “England”, “Commonwealth” and the like, then this video is for you (it even is good for those of us […]