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Red Leaves on Acer

Colourful Acer Tree

Our Japanese Maple (Acer) tree is turning a lovely set of colours this autumn, just like so many trees in Hampshire, and likely all of the UK.

Ticked Off

We love our cats – mostly.  A week or so ago, though, they brought us a present that we certainly didn’t want: fleas.

Katya got the worst of them – bites all over her ankles.  The kids had a bite or two; and Andew got one on his forehead! Yikes!

So – Friday turned […]

New Neighbours

A young couple is moving in next door this weekend: They are renting the place for a year from the two blondes who bought the place last autumn. We don’t know why the blondes moved out; but Andrew is very disappointed. He had already bragged to many people about living next door to them. […]

Ikea Whirlpool Oven Door Shatters Spontaneously

Tonight Katya opened our new kitchen’s oven door to have its outside part shatter spontaneously into a million pieces!

Luckily, Tolii and Tosha were not near.

But what are we to do for our planned dinner party this Saturday!?

Have a look at the result in the picture to the left. A full-size image […]

Daffodils in February!

The first daffodils came out for St.Valentine’s Day this year!

And with Mother’s Day this Sunday all daffodils in our garden are blooming.