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A lawn mower with go-faster-stripes

Andrew with his go-faster-stripes mower.

Our old lawn mower decided that I wasn’t taking the hint to fix it, and decided to shed most of its bolts. With just one bolt left holding the motor to the ‘deck’, and the whole thing really in need of an overhaul, I decided to look finally into getting the beast repaired.

I asked the lovely people at Garden Assist, who they would recommend – they put me in touch with KGM down in Winchester. I gave them a ring and found out that repairs start around £60. I was also considering paying Garden Assist to mow my lawn in the meantime (it was quite long, as it had been growing ever since before we left on our holiday at the end of May).

Right, time to consider “saving” that money and looking into a new mower instead. » Continue reading A lawn mower with go-faster-stripes »

Now a One-Car Family

Never before have we been a one-car family.  We are now!

I have taken to using the train for my commute into Fleet this year; and the time had come to renew the insurance on the X-registration (2000) Honda Civic, plus we had to pay a hefty repair bill to get it to pass […]

Sunflowers Reach Record Height

Sunflowers almost as big as the fish we caught in the River Test!

We’ve never had sunflowers in our garden that are this tall!

Katya measured one of them to be about 3.1m high (its an estimate because she didn’t get the ladder out of the shed to reach the exact top).


Re: Fencing

Re-building fences

We spent Saturday replacing the old wooden fence along the northern side of our back garden. There’s still a few pieces to go – how on earth will we get behind the shed and green house to put the bolts through the metal upright frame, […]

Visions of Coffee Cups and Ghostly Black Cats


For a while, we have known that our house is haunted by a black cat.

Today, though, I read that drinking coffee can cause visual and aural hallucinations.

So, maybe it wasn’t “real” after all.

Now, what on earth does tea cause?  I definately drink too much of […]