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Skating at Winchester Cathedral after a pint at the Black Boy

On Tuesday, we went down to Winchester for some post-Christmas shopping (a new jacket ’tis all) and some family ice skating. Before going to the rink, though, we walked along the river path to get to what has got to be the area’s best pub, the Black Boy.

CHIMNEY SWEEPS? Rumour has it that […]

Teaching Risk

First game of Risk with Tolii and Tosha – the board dates from Andrew's 1980s childhood.

The time has come for my kids to learn about risk.

Or, Risk.

Of course, kids don’t know anything about taking risks, they just ‘do’ things. However, this kind of Risk is a fundamental part of […]

An era ended – what will be our next movie franchise?

Rare visit to movies.. HP of course.

Katya and I have measured our life together in terms of these movies (and before them with the LoR trilogy).

Dramatic finish abruptly paused when cinema (and perhaps a fair chunk of Basingstoke) suffers a power failure.

Emergency lighting clicks on. Place packed mainly with teens on school trip. Very well behaved.
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Movember 2010 – Not a beard, but just about

Macho-macho man!

The rules of Movember, a fundraising event for the Prostate Cancer Charity, require that only a moustache be grown, not a beard.

Last year, my moustache wasn’t much liked by Katya, and only somewhat by my boys, so I had to do something a bit different this year if I wanted to […]

Brompton Baby, yeah!

My folded Brompton

The new cool is not a new car, it’s a new bike.

I have one. Actually I now have three!

One is just a ‘pub bike’, though. My second one is the ‘real’ workhorse, taking me around town and across the BMX track with the family. I bought from our local dealer, North Hants Bikes.

My coolest bike, though, has to be my new Brompton. It’s a foldable bike that is easy to travel on the train with. Brompton is building a strong international reputation for their strong UK bicycle.

(Aside: my friend John, also a “Bromie” owner, told me n = b + 1, where n is the number of bikes you need, and b is the number of bikes you have – I am starting to prove his theorem)

So keen was I for it, that I set up the Cycle Scheme at work so all our employees could benefit from tax breaks to get a new bike for nearly 50% off, financed at 0% for a year through monthly deductions from the paycheck. Thanks taxman! » Continue reading Brompton Baby, yeah! »