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Brian’s vintage radios, clocks and other things

Videos of Brian Reeves-Hall giving the background to his vintage radios, clocks and other things! Click to view the playlist on YouTube. Check back for new additions in the weeks ahead.

Technology runs in my family – in my dad’s case it was a passion for vintage radios, clocks and cameras. But […]

Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels

Two Tunnels Before and AfterOn the first real almost-spring-like day this year, Tolii, Tosha and I (Katya was ill) headed up to Bath to cycle in the darkness of the Two Tunnels.

Thankfully, there were plenty of things going on in the daylight too: a fun festival with burger stand and beer tent.

For the past few years, Sustrans (a registered charity) has been converting a disused railway line into a shared path that people walking and cycling can enjoy on their way to work or when out for a bit of leisure.

I wrote a story about it over on The Joy of Cycling where I also embedded the video that I made.

What isn’t written there though is how my kids and I got separated just at the exit of the shorter of the two tunnels! You’ll see them riding ahead of me, then they » Continue reading Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels »

In memory of Brian Henry, my dad.

Brian and Andrew Reeves-Hall

That’d be me with my dad, Brian Henry Reeves-Hall, just a couple weeks before he passed away.

Brian Henry Reeves-Hall, my wonderful dad, died on 5 March 2013 at 9:53am EST (2:53pm UK time) in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, following nearly 78 years of joy (mostly) since July 14 1935.

Dad’s wish was to donate his body to science, and I am so pleased to say that McMaster University accepted him into their Bequeathal Program. It is an incredible feeling to know that, even now in death, dad is still helping people as he had helped people during his life: He was a life-long donor of blood, plasma and platelets – 121 donations in all. At least in Canada.

Dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer* just on 13 February, less than a month ago, though he thought something was ‘not quite right’ in mid-January. His back became increasingly sore, as if he had rolled onto a plug during one of his install jobs.

*Aside: Today, 6 March it was announced (story HERE) that a study had shown promising results in detecting stomach cancer using a simple breath test
» Continue reading In memory of Brian Henry, my dad. »

Whoosh! Tour of Britain 2012 Stage 8

Racing up Guildford’s cobblestone High Street in Tour of Britain stage 8 are Mark Cavendish (rainbow jersey – world champion) and Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (gold jersey – race leader).

We popped over to Guildford to watch the first pass through the town of the Tour of Britain 2012 on its 8th and last […]

Cycling around Swinley Forest again

Hard to believe it was 9 months ago that we were last at Swinley Forest. Well, that’s the date on one batch of photos I found. This time it was just me and the boys as Katya was with Baba to see the nearby (!?) Windsor Castle.

After a bit of a bite to […]