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Rediscovered: The Royal Guardsmen … and Snoopy

Snoopy And His Friends, by The Royal Guardsmen

Snoopy And His Friends, by The Royal Guardsmen

I am listening to one of, no, my most favourite record from my 1970s youth: Snoopy and His Friends, by The Royal Guardsmen.  I am in the process of digitizing my copy of their 1967 stereo SLP vinyl record.

The only niggle upon listening to it today: the fake British and French accents.  Have a listen: The Story Of Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron.

Mind you, I believed them to be the genuine thing when I was growing up in Canada.  Think Dick van Dyke playing Bert in Mary Poppins and you’ll know what I mean.
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xkcd – Geeky Comics

Scientists and engineers will like my most recent discovery (again, I’m late to the trend): xkcd

By chance, the first comic I saw on the site is most brilliant (maybe they all are?): “Height

Here it is in all its glory:

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Cooking Up Some Music

I think I might have caught this funny video, which cooks up some music, by a beardy man, at the start of its rise…

Beatbox Fame Game by loranger

Musical Mutterings

Logo of the band Arcade FireArcade Fire is a popular Canadian alternative music group; Again, I catch these things well after others have made them popular.  I haven’t listened to them much.  Probably all of 6 minutes so far (the same song twice).  I like them, well this song to start with; In particular, I really liked the interactive music for Black Mirror found at its own website — read that URL backwards.

Screenshot from Black Mirror interactive video by Arcade FireThe best bit is that you can choose what bits of the song to listen to – just the vocals, the bass, etc.  There’s six buttons at the bottom to select which ones to have active.  So, if you just want to know the words (no prizes for guessing that “Black Mirror” figures pretty prominently, but there is also some French spoken in there, too).  Pressing the space bar flips black to white and vice versa.

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Take off, eh? Farnborough Air Show 2008

Today, it was my turn to introduce another generation of Reeves-Hall (and a Popova) to the wonders of a magical airshow. Okay, probably more magical to me because of the nostalgia angle (hey, I am 40 now). » Continue reading Take off, eh? Farnborough Air Show 2008 »