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Videos from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s

I have created a page for the various videos that I have digitized from S-VHS; that is to say, videos that I made in the 1980s and 1990s. Some are on our family YouTube channel, but most are hosted only here.

The videos are grouped (no doubt this will change over time but for […]

Snape enjoys Tosha’s piano practice

Our cat Snape. What can we say? He is a very social creature – loving to get right up close for attention. If that means enjoying Tosha’s piano practice right there on the keyboard – within easy petting distance – then so be it!

Video of the fun below (or watch on YouTube HERE)… […]

How to tie a balloon and string together

Learn how to tie a ribbon and a balloon together at the same time.

Got a party to get ready for? Little time to blow up balloons and attach string to them? Well, look no further – here’s my tip on how to attach the ribbon at the same time as you […]

Teaching Risk

First game of Risk with Tolii and Tosha – the board dates from Andrew's 1980s childhood.

The time has come for my kids to learn about risk.

Or, Risk.

Of course, kids don’t know anything about taking risks, they just ‘do’ things. However, this kind of Risk is a fundamental part of […]

An era ended – what will be our next movie franchise?

Rare visit to movies.. HP of course.

Katya and I have measured our life together in terms of these movies (and before them with the LoR trilogy).

Dramatic finish abruptly paused when cinema (and perhaps a fair chunk of Basingstoke) suffers a power failure.

Emergency lighting clicks on. Place packed mainly with teens on school trip. Very well behaved.
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