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Royal Mail reduces use of bicycles

The Docmail Local Post company uses bicycles to deliver around some UK towns (image ©docmail).

On 19 April 2013 there was an article published about the Somerset council in Bath saving £6000 every year because they are sending out council tax bills using a bicycle-based delivery company.

Update 22/04/13: The Postal Services Director of Bristol based Docmail Local Post, Joe Broadway told me that they use a fleet of hybrid bicycles – the Saracen Urban Escape – to deliver roughly 20,000 items a month across their sites in Bristol and Bath. They used to use electric bicycles but found them to be problematic and costly to maintain. They are expanding slowly through the UK, with the next locations to be served being in Slough and Edinburgh.

Joe told me, “We deliver roughly 20,000 items a month across both of our sites and prevent the production of (by our own estimates) roughly 0.7 grams of C02 per letter we deliver via our network.”

This story reminded me that I had not yet followed-up with my MP, Sir George Young and the CEO of Royal Mail on how their so-called “Modernisation” programme is progressing. You see, modernisation to Royal Mail meant getting rid of many of their bicycle delivery routes, and using vans or trolleys instead.


Back on 2nd December 2011, I read on Sir George’s constituency blog about Royal Mail and bicycles. His blog stated:

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Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels

Two Tunnels Before and AfterOn the first real almost-spring-like day this year, Tolii, Tosha and I (Katya was ill) headed up to Bath to cycle in the darkness of the Two Tunnels.

Thankfully, there were plenty of things going on in the daylight too: a fun festival with burger stand and beer tent.

For the past few years, Sustrans (a registered charity) has been converting a disused railway line into a shared path that people walking and cycling can enjoy on their way to work or when out for a bit of leisure.

I wrote a story about it over on The Joy of Cycling where I also embedded the video that I made.

What isn’t written there though is how my kids and I got separated just at the exit of the shorter of the two tunnels! You’ll see them riding ahead of me, then they » Continue reading Cycling through daylight’s darkness in Bath’s Two Tunnels »

UK Cycle Paths and the Law

I was intrigued by this statement on Vole O’Speed blog article ‘”Understanding Walking and Cycling”, “deja vue”, and the history of Camden’s cycle tracks’…(my emphasis added):

The problem seems to be that there is actually, in UK law, no real concept of a cycle track on the road, Dutch-style. Cycle paths are conceived of as […]

Basingstoke Victory Roundabout

Victory Roundabout in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Hope you enjoy my short video filmed at Basingstoke Victory Roundabout.

Video is on YouTube (HERE). To misquote the lyrics from a popular song…

Cycling down Alencon Link, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of carbon gas, rising up through the air Up […]

Whoosh! Tour of Britain 2012 Stage 8

Racing up Guildford’s cobblestone High Street in Tour of Britain stage 8 are Mark Cavendish (rainbow jersey – world champion) and Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (gold jersey – race leader).

We popped over to Guildford to watch the first pass through the town of the Tour of Britain 2012 on its 8th and last […]